Quiet Mode And Messenger Auto Status - Facebook New Updates

Facebook quiet mode

Facebook launches a new feature called "Quiet Mode" and another update from the messenger that it will publish your status automatically. Let us know these two updates.

Facebook Quiet Mode

Many are frustrated by Facebook push notifications. Many people are unable to give their family time due to Facebook addiction. To relieve this situation, the company has announced the launch of 'Quiet Mode' in the main mobile app. In a recent blog post, Facebook said that Quiet mode can turn off push notifications. 

When you start the Facebook app while in Quiet mode, it will remind you of the time to enter Quiet Mode. It also has the benefit of scheduling how long he will be on Facebook.

Facebook authorities said they originally intended the new feature was originally as an alternative to how users spend time online. It's helpful to set boundaries for how we spend time online, as we all do at home adjusting to new routines. This tool can be useful in giving time to family, not interrupting sleep or spending time at home.

What is Quiet Mode?

"Quiet Mode" will permit you to limit interruptions by quieting the application's pop-up messages for a time allotment you show.

As announced by Facebook, you can either turn on or off Quiet Mode varying or you can calendar to it run naturally at assigned occasions. Assume you use telecommunicate from 10 AM to 6 PM, you could set Quiet Mode to naturally run during your workday to decrease your impulse to sit around in the application.

What to do if you want to launch Quiet Mode on Facebook:

First of all update your Facebook application then follow the following steps.
  1. Launch the Facebook app from iOS or Android 
  2. Go to your profile 
  3. Press Settings and Privacy 
  4. Press Your Time on Facebook 
  5. Toggle Quiet Mode
Congratulation! You launch into the Quiet mode successfully.

Besides adding this mode, it also allows users to schedule Facebook usage. The tech website, The Verge, says it's being added to the iOS platform as part of a larger Facebook update. Then it will come out on Android phones in May. Besides scheduling, Facebook offers the ability to set more controls and notifications on posts seen on Facebook.

Auto Status By Messenger

Understanding the location, Messenger will automatically write the status of the user. Using the Auto Status feature, you can exchange information with friends much easier than it is now.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also begun testing the functionality of the feature. This feature, already present in the Instagram, can automatically review the device's location and activity, and guess where the user is. Usually, users will write the status according to the city or restaurant he is staying in. Anyone will go to the gym or the movie to know. Now messenger will write your status automatically. You can also correct the information posted by messenger if required.

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