Sticker Maker App: A Simple Review Of Stixy

sticker maker app

Friends today I will talk to you about a sticker maker app and its name is stixy. With this app, you can easily create animated face stickers.

Friends, nowadays the trend of stickers is going on in social media. You must use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And see the scattering of various stickers. And you can easily create your favorite animated face sticker using the stixy app and share it with your friends. Which will surely surprise your friends and give you satisfaction.

App Overview

sticker maker app
App Type: Entertainment;
Developer: Stixchat, Inc..;
User Ratings: 3.9 ( App Store );
5.0 ( App Store )
Cost: Free;
Required Android Version: 4.4 or higher;
iOS version: iOS 10.0 or later;
App Size: 55MB Android & 93 MB iOS; 

  • Make your own animated face sticker easily
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • There are only a limited number of videos Some of them are not of any use.
  • Last updated on December 1, 2017.

Make a sticker

In this app, you can make an animated sticker by adding your own face. Here you will see various animation effects. All you have to do is take your photo and then add your face to all these sticker temples. That's simple the app made your sticker. Now you share it with your friends to see what they say. They will definitely want to know how to make an animated sticker like this.

With this app, you will get different categories of stickers. With the help of which you can make various face stickers.

Friends, this app also has its own keyboard. So you need not install the keyboard separately. From here you can directly share your sticker on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any social media.

Some uses of the app:

Sticker emojis for almost every occasion:

  • If you are upset for any reason, this app will help you express that annoying mood.
  • Do your best friends face you? This app is with you there too!
  • Do you score? Yes, this app is here too!
  • Are you angry? The app also has the same stage, so this app also has those stickers stored.
  • Feeling sporty? Here you will find the app with you.

Wherever Share animated stickers featuring faces wherever you want:

  • Fill your SNS feed with personalized animated stickers. 
  • Enjoy and share seasonal stickers throughout the year Halloween, Christmas, New Year ... this app covers all kinds of holidays.

Features of this app:

  • This app can bring your selfies to life. You can make animated stickers with your selfies with less effort and make them come alive.
  • You can also make an animated sticker with anyone’s face. You can add photos and stickers to your friends or celebrities and make them interesting.

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My Opinion:

With some pros and cons, this app is a great choice to make funny, interesting, and valuable face animated stickers for your everyday needs. So, according to me, must try this app. Your feedback is valuable to me, so I hope you don't forget to write a comment in the comment box. Thanks.


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