WhatsApp Two New Updates To Prevent Spreading Of Fake Information

WtahtsApp Updates

Social media is the biggest mode of communication today. This social media is not just communication but also the exchange of news and information. As simple and convenient as it is, it also has some disadvantages. It is possible to spread various kinds of misinformation and fake news to the people. Most people share their news and information with others without verifying it. As a result, fake information and news spread quickly among the people and rumors of the movement spread to human society.

WhatsApp has come up with two special updates to prevent to spread all this fake information and news. Let's know what those new updates are.

You can share a post with a single person at a time:

Before that, you probably already knew that a post (could be a message, a picture or a video) you could share it with up to five people at once. But you can't do that anymore, you can share a post with just one person. WhatsApp takes this action to prevent the spread of fake news and information.

  In 2019, WhatsApp added a new feature to distinguish between the posts you made and the posts you shared. WhatsApp adds a forwarding mark to the message when anyone forwards to you, sent by others. This makes it easy for anyone to understand that the message he shared was not made by him. Now, this new update for that forwarded post, not to spread quickly.

WhatsApp Update

 You can now justify whether the post is fake or not:

 Avoid sharing fake posts. But the question is, how to understand if the post is fake or not? To understand that, WhatsApp brings this special feature. The forwarded message you found, you notice that the posts have a forward sign and written forwarded. From now on, there will be a search icon or picture of a magnifying glass along with the forward sign.  By clicking this icon, WhatsApp will ask if you want to search Google about that post. And from here you can search Google and confirm the content of the post.

 Although this feature is still in the testing phase. WhatsApp has not yet commented on when users will be able to use it. However, it is expected that users will access this feature soon. And hope will reduce the spread of fake messages and news.

 So wait and now before sharing a post, go to google and make sure the content of the post content is true. Decide whether or not the post should be shared. Stay away from sharing fake posts.

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