An Introduction To Storage Analyzer App For Android

storage analyzer app

Friends, the app I’m going to talk about to you today is Storage Analyzer. This application will be eminently useful to you. This app will create statistics in your mobile memory with the help of a simple, easy, and clean graphical presentation. With the benefit of which you will have an idea about the memory usage of your phone.

With the use of this application, you can analyze the internal storage of your mobile device, the storage of the SD card, and even the storage of the USB device. You will also get statistics about your cloud storage. This application will tell you how much total storage of your mobile has been used for any purpose. With the help of this, you can easily understand how much of your phone’s memory is not used or how much memory space the file or app is using.

Application overview: 

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App Type: Productivity;
Developer: Anton Patapovich;
User Ratings: 4.5
Cost: Free;
Required Android Version: 4.1 or higher;
iOS version: NA;
App Size: 5.1 MB;

  • Analyze your storage easily and accurately.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Contains advertisement.
  • The graphical presentation may difficult to understand for some persons.

How to install: 

First of all, open the Play Store and search for “Storage Analyzer”. Tap on the required app link. Otherwise, just click on the link above and tap on the install button. The application will be downloaded and installed. After downloading and installing the app, open it, and put the necessary permissions. 

Uses of the app: 

If you want to analyze your mobile storage, this may be an excellent choice. This application will show the memory uses of your device again with the help of the diagram, which is interesting and useful. Here you can get a ring-like diagram which folders are on your device and which folders are using how much memory.

You will discover which folders are on your mobile device, which files are in which folder, and which files are using how much memory. You will get this report as a charming image. If you ever open this application in front of your friends, definitely they will surprise and they will want to know about the app.
This application has a powerful search engine, with the help of Jar, you can easily search for any file on your device. Friends, many times you can’t find the required file on your phone. This application will help you find the files you need. With this application, you can easily find any file or folder. 
You can again easily find extensive files with the help of this application. This app includes Global Top Ten mode for larger files.

You can divide the files on your device into several categories. Like - 

  • By category (documents, videos, music, etc.) 
  • By file size (large, large, medium, etc.). 
  • By date (today and tomorrow, last week, etc.) 

And with its help, you can easily access any file.
You will first get a summary of your device's memory. You will get a summary of the memory device that you will connect to the phone (eg Memory card, USB device, etc.). That is effective.

You must have cleared the cache of the applications installed on your phone. You realize how difficult and laborious it is to clear the cache by going to the settings of each application. With the help of this application, you can do it very easily. This app has a built-in cache cleaner so you can quickly and easily clear the cache of your phone’s apps. 

Using a Sunburst chard unit is an intuitive and effective way to display data on a device. Just dig deeper and you can discover the internal data universe. If you use Windirstat, Linux Baobab, Disk Space Fun, or Trisize, you’re welcome!

The top 10 file modes show that all device locations have disappeared. 

The application has beautiful widgets with a clear design. The widget allows you to control disk space from the home screen and display free and authorized space for internal storage. If your version of the Android operating system allows it, you can change the size of the widget. The app’s unique cloud storage feature is a widget for Google Drive, Dropbox, and Yandex Disk.

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My Opinion:

With some pros and cons, this app is a great choice to analyze your device memory status for your everyday needs. So, according to me, must try this app. Your feedback is valuable to me, so I hope you don't forget to write a comment in the comment box. Thanks.

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