The Best Whatsapp Call Recorder App - A Simple Review

Dear reader friends, today I will tell you about a very useful app known as "WhatsApp call recorder". With the help of this app, you can easily record your WhatsApp calls.

whatsapp call recorder

When you make a normal call or receive a call, you can record it with the call recorder on your phone. You have a default call recorder on your phone. With its help, you can easily record normal calls.

There is no call recording option in Whatsapp, so it is a little difficult to record these calls. They have designed the Call Recorder for Whatsapp app to make your seemingly hard task easier. I will share the details of this app and personal experience and opinion with you here.

App Overview:

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App Type: Communication;
Developer: Sparkling Design and Infotech Pvt. Ltd.;
User Ratings: NA (Early Access)
Cost: Free with In-app purchases;
Required Android Version: Varies with device;
App Size: Varies with device;

  • This outstanding application allowed you to record WhatsApp calls automatically.
  • Audio enhanced with AI routines and produce a fantastic audible voice.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Bother various advertisements.
  • This app records WhatsApp calls automatically, so your phone's storage is used more.
  • This app will insist you to buy interactive products.

 How to download /Install this App

This app is very easy to download. You go to the play store of your mobile and search by typing the WhatsApp call recorder app. You will get your desired app. Or click on the link below and tap on the install button. It will install your app.

google play store


Price and availability of this App

You can download and install this app for free from Play Store, but you have to endure advertisements. In addition, this app has several interactive features that you need to buy if you want to use them.

What So Exceptional About this App?:

You can use various screen recorder apps to record WhatsApp calls. But several features of this app have made it unique.

  • The audio and video quality is excellent. 
  • Always notify the caller that his call is being recorded. 

How to use this App?

Friends this app is very easy to use. First, you download and install the app from the Play Store and give permissions.

Then if someone calls you on WhatsApp or you call someone, that call will be recorded automatically. Before it records the call, it will notify the caller that his/her call is being recorded. As a result, he/she will realize that his call is being recorded. 

Why Go for this App?

WhatsApp calls need to be recorded many times to keep it as important evidence. In that case, this app can play a very useful role. The reasons I like this app are:
  • You do not have to make any special effort to record this call automatically.
  • The caller will receive notification about the recording of the call. That means you are not stealing and recording someone's call.
  • The audio quality of this app is very good and clear.

Do You Need this App?

Sometimes this app can play a very useful role. You can use this app for free. So you can try even for a while.

App Features:

  • This app can automatically detect and record audio or video conversations on WhatsApp.
  • The call recorder creates advanced output audio quality with AI routines to provide the best audio.
  • The call recorder can start and stop recording automatically.
  • It is inappropriate to record calls without informing someone, and in some countries it is illegal. This app will send a notification to the automatic caller. As a result, you are recording someone's call.

Final Words:

You are accessing this app early so it may be unstable on your mobile. Like all apps, this app has some advantages and disadvantages. Since you can use it for free, you must try it once. Share your thoughts about this app in the comment box below.


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