An Introduction To All Tools A Useful App For Android

all tools app

Friends, today I will introduce you to the app called All Tools. Its size is only 6 MB, but in it, you will get over 60 tools. Each tool is very urgent and useful. These tools work offline, which means you can use these tools without the internet.

Here you will find your essential tools like Bar-code and QR-code reader, Torch, Compass.

App Overview:

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App Type: Tools;
Developer: ATEU Softwares;
User Ratings: 4.5
Cost: Free with In-app purchases;
Required Android Version: 4.1 or higher;
App Size: 6.6 MB;

  • This outstanding application contains over 60 useful tools within about 5MB.
  • You need no internet connection to use these tools.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Bother various advertisements.
  • Sometimes this app turns the volume to maximum, which is a bit ridiculous.
  • This app will insist you to buy interactive products.

How to download /Install This App:

Open your Google play app on your android device and search for "All Tools" you will find your desired application. Tap on the app icon and press the install button.

Otherwise, tap on the link given below and press the install button, your app will be installed and ready to use.

google play store

Price and Availability of this App:

You can get this application in Google Play Store and you can download and install it for free. The size of this app is only about 6 MB. To use it, you need to have Android version 4.1 or higher on your mobile.

What So Exceptional About this App?:

The specialty of this App is that by installing a single application you can get all your needs. This will save the RAM of your mobile and increase the efficiency of your mobile.

In this app, you will get some instant utilities like torch, reminder, notes, etc. Again you have some Wi-Fi utilities like a walkie-talkie, music group, CCTV, file transfer, etc. Some basic utilities like a compass, speed meter, signal strength, etc. You will also find over 60 useful tools in all.


Why Go for this App?

This is a nice app that will give you all the tools you need in one place. You do not have to install a separate app for each tool. This will reduce the number of applications installed on your mobile and keep your mobile fresh. You or your mobile do not have to carry the burden of thousands of applications.

If you use this app, then less amount of RAM will be used. This will increase the performance of your mobile.    

Do You Need All Tools App?

Everyone needs some basic tools and some essential tools to run their mobile. In this single App, you will get at least 60 tools together for free.

You can use a different app for each tool. But this will cost your phone more RAM. So this app should be on your mobile.

Final Words:

So last but not least, the All Tools app can come in handy. So quickly install the app on your mobile and start using it. Don't forget to share your experience of using this app. Thanks.

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