Watch YouTube Videos On Floating Window With Float Tube App

float tube app

Friends, today I will talk to you about the Flote Tube app. Friends, this app is very interesting and effective. You can watch YouTube videos through Floating Window with the help of this app. This means that by using this app, you can watch YouTube videos and do other tasks on your mobile at the same time.

Isn't it interesting? You can do other activities while watching the video. Now, you will watch movies and chat with friends at the same time.

App Overview:

float tube app
App Type: Video Players & Editors;
Developer: Ruffy;
User Ratings: 4.4
Cost: Free with In-app purchases;
Required Android Version: 7.0 or higher; 
App Size: 8.4 MB;
  • This outstanding application allows you to watch youtube videos on a floating window.
  • You can make the video window as small or large as you need.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Bother various advertisements.
  • If you watch a playlist, you will need to resize the screen manually at the beginning of each video.
  • This app will insist you to buy interactive products.

How to download /Install Float Tube App:

You open the Play Store on your mobile. Search by typing Float Tube in the search box. You will see the icon of Float Tube app whose developer is Ruffy. Click on the App icon and you will see the Install button. Tap on the install button. It will install your desired app.

You can also install the app by clicking on the app link below.

google play store

Price and Availability of the App:

Friends, you can download and install this app for free from the Google Play Store. Like every free app, here also you have to endure advertisement. Buy to use some interactive features. Each interactive feature costs $3.99.

To install this app, you need to have Android version 7.0 or higher on your mobile, and your mobile must have over 8.4 MB of free space.

What is the App All About?:

It is a very nicely designed and user-friendly application. This app will give you access to watch YouTube videos and at the same time use other apps on your mobile. You can watch YouTube videos in a small window or in full-screen mode. You can move the video player as needed. Here you will see very limited ads. So overall, this is a fantastic app.

How to Use this App?

First, you need to download and install the app. Open the app and give access to permissions. This time you open the YouTube app on your mobile. Find the video you want to watch. Tap on the three dots next to the video title. Here you will find share options. Click on the share option. You will see a list of all your apps will open. From now on you can click on Play by Float Tube. You see that your video will start playing on a small screen.

Now close the YouTube app and open your useful app and do your necessary work.

What makes Float Tube Different?

Friends, you will find many floating YouTube applications. But not all apps can meet your needs. I think this particular app will meet your needs a lot.

So you will use the floating app to watch videos at the same time and use your mobile set for other purposes as well. This app will definitely help you in this regard. The simple interface and easy usability of this app set it apart from other apps.

Why Go for this App?

You can prefer this app for many reasons. One reason is that this app really works. You'll find a lot of apps in the Play Store, many of which don't work properly.

Its easy usability will attract you. If you can buy some interactive features, you will get many interesting features. For example, you will find a limited advertisement on YouTube. The free features of this app are quite useful.

You can resize the YouTube video player to your liking. And you can place it anywhere on the screen as you need.

Do You Need this App?

This is not a must-have app. But any user can use this app. And it will work for everyone. This is an effective application. So you can use it no matter what kind of user you are.

I think it is beneficial if you can do some useful work without wasting time just watching the video.

Final Words:

Friends, this is a very useful application. It will come in handy if you have it installed on your mobile. You can use this app for free. This app will take up very little space from your mobile memory. This app has a good user experience and rating. So I think you can go for it. Share your app usage experience in the comments below.


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