A Quick Review Of The Android App coreSpecs: Know Your Phone

corespace app

Do you know everything about your phone? Do you know which sensor or gesture has been used in your phone? You can find out the details about your phone with coreSpecs app. This app will let you know the smallest information of your mobile. You can know all the information about your mobile such as mobile name, model number, IMEI, etc.

With this app, you can view and check the parts of your mobile. You can easily check which parts of your mobile are working properly and which parts are not.

App Overview:

corespace app
  • App Type:Tools;
  • Developer:Ataraxian Studios;
  • User Ratings:4.4;
  • Cost:Free;
  • Required Android Version: 5.0 or higher;
  • App Size: 5.5 MB;
  • This app will show you all the information about your mobile.
  • Using this little app will make your job easier and smarter.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Bother various advertisements.

How to download /Install The App:

Open the Google Play app. Type coreSpecs in the search box. You will get the desired app. You click on the app icon and tap on the install button. Your app will be installed.

Otherwise, click on the link below and install the app by tapping on the install button.

Price and Availability of The App:

You can get the app for free on Google Play Store. You can install and use it from there.

There is also a pro version of this app that you need to buy.

What So Exceptional About This App?:

In this little app, you will get at all the necessary informations of all the parts of your mobile handset at a single place. You can also check them.

How to Use coreSpecs App?:

Download and install the app. Open the app. You will see the beautiful user interface of this app. Here you will see many buttons. Click on any button you want to know about. Suppose you click on the censor button. Here you will find the sensor list. Click on each to see if you have that specific sensor on your mobile. Find out if a specific sensor works properly.

Click on the test button to see if the parts of your mobile are working properly. Then tap on the part you want to check the parts. You will see the condition of those parts.

Why Go for This App?

In this small and simple app, you will find together -

  • All sensor information.
  • Real-time sensor information.
  • You can also test the sensor.
  • All the information on your handset.
  • You can test all supported gestures and learn about them.

Do You Need This App?

No, you don't need this app. Friends, this is not for your time pass or entertainment. If you are interested in mobile hardware or software and have been working on them, then this app will come in handy.

Final Words:

Although this app is not essential for you. But you can know the details of your mobile for free. So you must try this app once to satisfy your curiosity.


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