App Lock for Android Perfect AppLock To Protect Apps

android app lock

Friends today I will tell you about a very fun and useful app. The name of this app is Perfect AppLock. This app will save you from misuse of your other apps. This app allows you to lock your other apps separately. As a result, no one else will open that app.

You may not be logged out of your social account. Someone else will access your account only if you open your social account such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on your mobile. You can use the Perfect applock application to avoid this.

App Overview:

android app lock
  • App Type: Tools;
  • Developer:Morrison Software;
  • User Ratings:4.3;
  • Cost:Free;
  • Required Android Version: 4.4 or higher;
  • App Size: 11 MB;
  • This app help to lock any app to protect from misuse.
  • This app provides 5 different types of lock pattern.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • Bother various advertisements.
  • With some study anyone can open the lock.
  • Some of the apps that are supposed to be locked become unlock with no input from the user.

How to download /Install This App:

Open the Play Store on your mobile. Enter Perfect AppLock in the search box. You will get the app. You can install the app by clicking on the install button. Before installing, make sure that the app developer is Morrison Software.

Or you can install the app directly from the link given below.

Price and Availability of This App.

You can download and install this app for free from the Play Store. But in the free version you have to endure the advertisement. There is also a paid version of this app available which you have to buy for $2.99.

What So Exceptional About This App?:

Using this app, you can easily fool others. If someone else tries to open an app on your mobile, this app will show a false error pop-up. As a result, he will refrain from opening the app. So you may survive the MISUSE of your APP.

How to Use This App?:

Download and install this app first. Then open the app. Enter the default password 7777. Then you will see all the apps installed on your mobile. In front of all the apps, you will find 5 types of lock options. You can use any lock you like for an app. Suppose you used an error message lock for WhatsApp. Now if someone wants to open your WhatsApp, it will show him/her an error pop up. And he/she will refrain from using your WhatsApp.

If you want to open WhatsApp yourself, you will also see an error message. If you want to open it, long-press on the Force Close button, your app will open. This way you can lock any app with any of the five locks and save your app from being misused.

Why Go for This App?

This app can help you protect your mobile from misuse. However, with the help of this app, you can temporarily fool others. This lock can be unlocked if other users try enough. However, you can try this app to protect your secret app from others, especially from kids.

App Features:

This useful app has many features. Notable among these is:

  • With this app, you can temporarily lock your secret apps by pin, pattern, or gesture.
  • You can manage the screen brightness of each app separately.
  • If a user tries to open the app lock three times simultaneously, the built-in camera of this app will capture his photos, by which you can know who tried to use the app on your mobile.

Final Words:

Although not permanent, you can temporarily lock your secret apps with this app. This will save you from misusing your app. The size of this app is also small and you can use it for free. So you can try it once.