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Friends, today I will talk to you about a file organizer app called N Docs. If you have office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, on your mobile, then this app can help you a lot to organize them. Simply put, this is an all-in-one file reader app that will come in handy.

Suppose you have different types of files on your mobile and they are not sorted properly. As a result, you can't find them when you need them. So you need to sort the files on your mobile properly. And this is where this app is needed.

With this app you can get your different office files in different places. All Word files in one place Excel files in one place, PDF files in one place and so on. As a result, you can easily find the file you need. So this app is really a working app, isn't it?

App Overview:

document reader app
  • App Type: Productivity;
  • Developer:nTools;
  • User Ratings:4.1
  • Cost: Free and Offers in-app purchases;
  • Required Android Version: 7.0 or higher;
  • Size:48 MB
  • It will help you to easily find the file you want among the many files on your mobile.
  • With this app you can read different types of files. You do not have to install separate file readers for each type of files.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • If you use this app, you will have to endure advertisements.
  • This app will encourage and urge you to buy interactive elements.
  • This app will access your mobile network connection.

How to download /Install This App:

You can easily download and install this app:

  • Open the Play Store app on your mobile.
  • Type N Docs in the search box and search.
  • You will see the icon of N Docs app. Click on the app link and then tap on the install button. Your app will be installed.

Alternatively, you can install the app by clicking on the download link below.

Price and Availability of This App

You can use this app for free. If you are a normal (non-professional) user then the free features of this app are enough.

This app has some interactive features that you need to buy. Each interactive element costs 1.99 - $ 3.99.

How to Use N Docs App?

First, you download and install the app. Then open the app and give the necessary permissions. This time you will see the app's clean user interface. Here you will see pdf, word, excel, markup, etc. buttons. Click the corresponding button for the type of file you want to find. Suppose you want to find an Excel file on your mobile, then you click on the Excel button. You will see all the Excel files on your mobile. From there, you will find your assigned file.

If you want to read your selected file, click on it. With this app, you can also read your file. If you want, you can edit the file and also create a new one.

App Features:

Friends, as I said before, this is an all-in-one file reader app. Not only is it a file reader, it is also a file organizer and creator. The interesting features of this app are:

  • It can act as a file organizer.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It supports all office documents like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.
  • Supports portable file formats like PDF, RTF, TXT, CSV, MARKUP, CODE (JAVA / CPP / PHP ...), EPUB, etc.
  • With this app, text documents, PDF, HTML etc. files can be edited and created.
  • This app can access files on Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Box, etc. cloud services.

Final Words:

N Docs is a very good file reader, editor, creator and organizer application. Its effectiveness is admirable. It is also very easy to use and simple. Its user interface is clear and easy to understand. This app can save a lot of user effort and time.

This sister can read almost all types of text documents. Not only user's mobile files but also some files of cloud storage can be accessed, read and organized.

It can access not only office documents but also several portable files. MARKUP, CODE (Java, php) etc. files can be read, edited and created.

Finally, this small and simple app may be all you need. So download and install the app and use it. We look forward to hearing from you.


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