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podfcast streaming app

The name of the app I am going to talk about today is earliAudio. This is a podcast streaming app. This app lets you listen to podcast streaming in several languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Friends Nowadays podcasts have become a mainstream media. Millions of people love to listen to podcasts. If you enjoy listening to podcasts like many others, then earliAudio can become your favorite app.

In this app you can easily get all the podcasts according to your taste and preference. You will also find some new podcasts here. Here you will get notifications of all new episodes. And access to some premium playlists for free. You will find different types of search filters here. You can easily find and listen to your specific podcast by searching for category, duration, popularity, etc.

App Overview:

podcast app
  • App Type: Music & Audio;
  • Developer:upday GmbH & Co. KG;
  • User Ratings:4.3
  • Cost: Free;
  • Required Android Version: 4.4 or higher;
  • Size:20 MB
  • You can access playlists of exclusive new audio collections.
  • Get all your favorite podcasts in one app. And keep track of what you've already heard or downloaded.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • If you use this app, you will have to endure advertisements.
  • This app will prevent your mobile from slip mode, so your mobile battery will drain faster.
  • This app will see your mobile network connection.

How to download /Install This App:

It is very easy to download this app. Open Google Play Store. Search "earliaudio" in the search box. You will see your assigned App icon. Click on the APP icon and tap the install button.

Otherwise, you click on the link below and tap the install button. Your app will be installed.

Price and Availability of EarliAudio App:

This app can download and install free from Google Play Store. Nothing of this app will buy you spending money.

How to Use earliAudio App?

First, install the app on your mobile and open the app. Then follow the steps below:

  • Select Language and click on the bottom arrow.
  • Then choose your interest. And click on the list below.
  • According to your interest, you will get the list of podcasts. Select one and click on the Start button below.
  • You will get trending episodes according to your interest.
  • Tap on any episode. You'll get the play button below. Click on the play button and listen.
  • You can also do podcasts off or on from your mobile notification bar.

You will get libraries, discovery, and search buttons at the bottom. Through these, you can find and listen to your favorite podcast.

What makes This App Different?

You will get thousands of podcast streaming Apps at Google Play Store or other App Providing sites. But the features of this app attracted me -

  • This app will prompt the playlist according to your choice and interest.
  • Here you can choose the language you need.
  • Here you will get the notification of Upcoming Playlist.
  • You can access some premium playlists for free.
  • This app has DARK MODE available. You can reduce your mobile battery drain by using Dark mode.
  • You can easily get your desired audio clip by searching according to the podcast popularity, category, duration, etc. here.

Do You Need This App?

Nowadays, Podcast's popularity has increased very much. Because you see and listen to you to see the video. As a result, you can not do any other work with it. But the podcast will only hear the audio, so you can also do other things with it.

If you are a fan of podcast and listen to the podcast, then this app is suitable for you.You can use this app for free and some premium audio playlists will get it. So you can use this app.

Final Words:

Finally, I can say that if you like to listen to the podcast, then you must like this app. As you can access some premium podcast playlists in this app so this app will be profitable for you. You can access your favorite playlist in minor efforts.

Moreover, by using this app, you may be able to discover many more features. So you try this App at least once and share your experience with us through the comments below.


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