GoCut- An Outstanding Glowing Video Editor App For Android

video editor app

About the app, I will tell you today is a very interesting video editor application. With this app, you can make your small video clips interesting and fun with just a single click. You will get lots of cool effects in this app which can make your video clips come alive.

Friends In today's world almost everyone uses social media and we continue to share our interesting moments with friends. You may share your happy moments with your friends through tiny video clips. Video clips taken by your mobile or camera may be simple and straightforward. Now, these clips will be awesome if you can give them little special effects. And those with whom you share will also like it.

If you want to edit videos with the help of a PC or laptop, you need a lot of expensive and heavy software. And to use them you also need video editing knowledge. But using this app you can make your little moments more interesting very easily and with no video editing knowledge. Editing and sharing your clips with the video effects in this app will surprise your friends and they will definitely give you a like as a gift.

App Overview:

video editor app
  • App Type: Video Players & Editors;
  • Developer:Like GoCut;
  • User Ratings:4.0
  • Cost: Free and Offers in-app purchases;
  • Required Android Version: 5.0 or higher;
  • Size:99 MB
  • With very little effort, you can make an awesome video.
  • Add a glowing effect to your video clips with a single click.
  • Very good looking and user-friendly UI
  • Free to use
  • Easy To use
  • If you use this app, you will have to endure advertisements.
  • You need to provide permission for camera access and this app will read the files in your storage.
  • This app will encourage you to purchase interactive elements.

How to download /Install GoCut App:

You can easily download this app from Google Play Store. First, open the Play Store and search by typing GoCut. You will get your desired app. Click on the app icon. Then tap on the install button. Your app will be installed.

If you have difficulty downloading this way, click on the link below and click on the install button. Your desired app will be installed

Price and Availability of This App:

You can download and install this app for free from Google Play Store. But the free version has some limitations. You cannot use all the elements and effects in this app. Its interactive elements are not usable for free. If you want to use these elements, you have to buy them. Each interactive element costs $6.99 - $69.99.

What So Exceptional About This App?:

Friends, you will find lots of glowing effects video editors like this. But among them this app is exceptional because -

  • It is extremely easy to use. Anyone who has never done video editing will be able to create extraordinary videos using this app.
  • This app has a neon brush that allows you to draw as you like and give a glowing effect. This will make your photos come alive.
  • You can easily overlay the picture to clip. You will get beautiful beautiful stickers. Adding these will give your video a professional look.
  • If you want, you can add music to the video.
  • You can export your video in full HD and 4k resulation.

How to Use This App?

Dear reader friends, this app is very easy to use. Those who have already used a video editor app will understand how this app works when they open this app. Those who have never edited a video can also use this app if they download and install this app and practice a little. However, here are some basic steps -

  • Download and install the app and open it.
  • Provide necessary permissions.
  • Import your video clip.
  • Crop, trim, etc. as needed.
  • Choose and use the effect of your choice from the glowing effects above the timeline.
  • Import and add the desired music.
  • You can use sticker if you want.
  • If you want to add a glowing effect to a photo, first import your photo. This app has a magic brush, select the brush and draw the desired drawing on your photo. Then add a glowing effect to a suitable.
  • Export the video you created. Select your video file format (HD, 4K, etc.).

Why Go for This App?

You can use this app for free and easily. This app is very useful if you want to make status videos on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. The collection of effects present in this app is very nice. Here you will get many glowing effects for free.

Final Words:

In conclusion, we can't help but appreciate the important features of this video editing app again. The glowing effects of this app are really interesting. The magic brush present in this app is very effective. This will allow you to bring your still photos to life.

Friends, the job of video editing is not an easy task. This requires a lot of time and skill. But this app has made all those tasks easier for you. Using this app, you can create a presentable video in very little time and effort.

Finally, I want to tell you that you should install and use this app at least once. And don't forget to share this app experience with us. Let us know your experience by commenting below.


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